Idaraya Life is a health and lifestyle group that works to promote exercise and wellbeing activities to women, with a particular focus on black women and ethnic minorities. 

Established during lockdown in 2020, they have delivered over 170 sessions to their local community, including free exercise classes, cycling lessons and craft workshops. They also host outdoor activities such as walking and hiking around Wigan and surrounding areas.

Idaraya Life CIC believe that all women should be able to attain a healthy and happy lifestyle, regardless of any social, cultural or economic barriers they may face. They aim to be an inclusive space for members of the community, bringing women together and providing a space for those who wouldn’t usually engage with a mainstream offering of the services they provide.

They also host a weekly craft session, providing a safe space for members to learn practical craft skills and spend time socialising with other women in the area. All of the sessions are free, and children are welcome – as childcare and financial issues often appear as barriers that stand in the way of women prioritising their own wellbeing.

By providing a space to craft, socialise and move their bodies, Idaraya Life have created a warm and welcoming hub in their community for minority groups that often struggle to take part in regular physical activity. With a focus on boosting health and happiness, members have been able to find joy in the outdoors and local community life.

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Date added: 3rd November 2023