We’ve been honoured with a brilliant 25th birthday present from our friends at huddled – a new collaborative huddled logo.

The news site’s official logo will be changed for an entire year in order to celebrate the work that we’ve done over a quarter of a century to inspire grassroots activity and encourage local people to make positive change in their communities.

The traditional hexagons of the huddled logo have been transformed into our iconic red infinity hearts, which reflect our ever-lasting commitment to and love for Greater Manchester.

We’re known for doing charity with a Mancunian twist and huddled has certainly made its mark in Manchester business and media, and this collaboration looks to the future of continuing to put the Great in Greater Manchester.

Nick Massey, Forever Manchester Chief Executive, says: “This is a fabulous 25th birthday present for Forever Manchester; huddled is an integral part of the Manchester business scene and we’re proud to be honoured in this way.”

Speaking about the logo change, Grace Nolan, huddled press contact, adds, “Forever Manchester is without a doubt the best charity in Greater Manchester. We’re constantly amazed by the excellent work it does and know that Manchester would be worse off without it.

“The charity has been running for 25 years now, which is incredibly impressive, and we believe that it should be congratulated and celebrated for all of the hard work it does on a daily basis. We’ll be keeping our logo like this for an entire year, and we hope it gives Forever Manchester the recognition it deserves.”

If you want to get involved in Forever Manchester’s 25th birthday celebrations this year, drop amy@forevermanchester.com a line and don’t forget to use the hashtag #forevermanchester25