HerArt is a community interest company whose vision is for all marginalised adults to aim higher and go further in their lives. The core of their work is aimed at women.

They use art and crafts as a tool to improve wellbeing and self-esteem, to provide purpose and meaning, and to develop creativity and enhance quality of life. HerArt is also an AQA centre who provide accredited courses through their Unit Award Scheme, one of their most successful courses is ‘How to set up and run a mini enterprise in arts and crafts’. They also design and deliver a programme of arts and crafts workshops.

HerArt have been delivering services in the community for over 10 years. They are based in Trinity House Community Resource Centre, deliver their services in Moss Side Children’s Centre and St. Andrews Church, and showcase and celebrate the work of their service users at The Whitworth and Manchester Craft and Design Centre.

HerArt describe themselves as ‘networking for women in the community’. The group welcome ladies of all ages from the local area to attend there varied sessions, mental health, crafts, ideas, recipes, yoga, and many more.

One of the group’s members is a single parent with a child under five years old. She said: “Before I started the course I was unemployed. I was mainly looking after my young son who had not started school yet.

“I was creative, making some upcycled items, but was just starting to learn new skills. I joined the programme because I wanted to learn more about textiles and learn about a creative business. I didn’t know anything about starting a business, didn’t have the confidence and lacked some skills and knowledge to start a business.

“I learnt how to develop my business, how to present my business, it gave me some confidence in developing new ideas and work contacts. I have now started my business and I have the confidence to develop new techniques and apply them to the things I am making. I have learnt more about the complexity of business in the creative field. I am now selling the items I make and at times making some money. I am more creative and am involved in my own business. Now my son is at school I am more able to take part in other workshops and courses and have the belief in the things that I make.”