We are pleased to have Hailo on board as one of our latest Manchester Million supporters. Hailo recently raised money for Forever Manchester in a ‘cake and cuppa’ day, where the backseat of a cab was decorated to look like a living room, and tea and cakes were put on.

Hailo is an app for Apple and Android phones, which allows its users to hail black cabs in Manchester from their smart phones. The day was to celebrate Hailo’s 20 millionth passenger worldwide and instead of taking fares, they donated £1,000 to Forever Manchester.

Russ Hall, Hailo Founder says: “Since launching Hailo in Manchester in June, we have been struck by the amazing sense of community here. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the work done by Forever Manchester – they are helping to make sure the city goes from strength to strength by supporting local projects and local people. We share that exact ambition and hope that as a Manchester Millions partner we can play even more of a role in making this great city greater.”

Forever Manchester is aiming to raise over £1 million per year from companies based in Greater Manchester. Our Manchester Million proposition helps companies deliver the local element of their corporate social responsibility agendas by making a long last contribution to communities local to the company and its staff.

For more information about how your organisation can get involved please contact Jean Mills on 0161 214 0940 or email jean@forevermanchester.com