Our Community Builders headed out to Moston and Harpurhey last week, and from it, a great story has emerged.

Following Forever Manchester’s appearance at North Manchester Games, our Communities Team made a connection with Keith. Keith is active in his local community and has great skills to share. One of these skills which can be utilised within his community comes from his links to the local community garden.

Keith encouraged our Community Builders, Helen Smith and Graeme Urlwin to head over to a large green space in Moston, which is in need of a clear up. The space has a lot of potential and Keith was keen to see whether the Forever Manchester team could help the community to take hold of the area and utilise it for the good of the community.

While walking to the space, our team met up with a lady who often cleans up her street right by the space. She has wanted to take hold of the space for some time now with local residents to give them something to do and to give the local children a new challenge. After speaking with her, our team has recommended she puts in a Cash4Graft Award, which gives groups of four or more residents funds of up to £250 to make a real difference in their communities at local level.

Our team will then connect Keith with these local residents so he can share his skills and assets. Keith recently renovated the area outside of his housing block to make it look better for local residents and he is keen to teach other people how to do the same. The residents also hope to grow fresh produce for the local community to be able to help themselves to.

Our Community Builder, Graeme Urlwin has recently been employed to work specifically in the areas of Moston and Harpurhey and he was on our weekly radio show with Ambassador Terry Snowden talking all about this meeting as well as the importance of the work Forever Manchester does with grassroots groups.

To have a listen, use the player below:

If you’re a resident in Moston and Harpurhey with ideas to benefit your local area and would like to meet with our Communities Team call us on 0161 214 0940 to arrange a meeting.