Corporate Partner, Greystone Financial Services has raised over £600 taking part in the Wild Mud Run.

The Wild Mud Run is a 10k obstacle with many challenges along the way, including muddy terrain, hay bale towers and some of the world’s largest water slides!

Two members of the team, Claire Hamilton and Simon Kerney from Greystone Financial Services took part in the challenge alongside a friend of the firm, Monica Murphy.

Of the challenge, Claire said: “It was a lot harder than I thought it would be, and certainly a lot muddier! I was not expecting freezing cold waist-high mud and having to be lifted out on multiple occasions by Simon! We all had a lot of fun, but it will not be an experience that I will be repeating. Luckily, we’ve raised over £600 so far for Forever Manchester, so it makes it worthwhile.”

Simon said: “The first half was quite fun. The next 2km through waist high mud was less so. Unlike Clare, I would actually do the run again but only on the proviso that they had more and bigger fire jumps to warm me up. That and a Krypton Factor style jumpsuit!”

As well as this, Greystone has also recently donated £2,700 as part of their ongoing commitment to supporting Forever Manchester.

Huge thanks goes to Claire, Simon and Monica for putting blood, sweat and tears into raising money for Forever Manchester!

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