Greater Manchester LGBT Social Support Network work to support LGBT+ individuals in need, signposting them to health services and social groups.

The group was set up in 2016 as a response to the growing number of services and social groups in the city centre that had a poor outreach, with the goal to direct people to said services and streamline the referral process. Particularly in local communities where there is a real need due to the remoteness of the services available (such as in suburban or rural areas).

Greater Manchester LGBT Social Support Network are mindful of the mental health of all members of society but particularly LGBTQ+ people and their allies, due to underrepresentation and high levels of hate crime and prejudice.

The group exists to try and encourage better communication and information flow in the hope that by offering advice and improvements of services, they can improve the lives of LGBTQ+ people and allies living and working across the region – successfully promoting positivity and productivity in society.

The group also encourages collaborative working with existing organisations as well as assessing where gaps may currently exist and seeking to develop new services to meet the demand, including an online service where people who are struggling to come to terms with who they are can easily search and become aware of local social groups to help support them.

Greater Manchester LGBT Social Support Network not only signpost individuals to help, support and social events, they also have been known to help source food items, toiletries and second-hand furniture in the area to help their most vulnerable users.

The group have also helped guide international LGBT+ people living in Manchester to services and make them aware of employment opportunities, food parcel providers and financial guidance.

It is always worth remembering that, if you support Forever Manchester, you support all this.

The ability of local community groups and organisations to best help people in their community remains dependant on maintaining support for them.

To find out more about how you can get support Forever Manchester please email us at or telephone on 0161 214 0940.

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Date added: 3rd November 2023