Forever Manchester has launched the Greater Manchester Flood Recovery Appeal to raise money for those affected in the recent floods across Greater Manchester.


Flood warnings remain in place throughout Greater Manchester after the flooding that hit many homes on Boxing Day. Thousands of properties are still without power and many homes have been evacuated  .

The Greater Manchester Flood Recovery Appeal has been set up to be managed within the Greater Manchester Disaster Relief Fund.

The Greater Manchester Disaster Relief Fund is governed and managed by Forever Manchester working closely with the Greater Manchester Civil Contingencies and Resilience Unit.

The aim of the Greater Manchester Disaster Relief Fund is to provide financial support to victims of large scale disasters.

Although it is difficult to assess the likely financial requirements so soon after the floods, Forever Manchester can commit £50,000 from the Greater Manchester Disaster Relief Fund but is appealing for further donations from the general public.


Press Enquiries:

Please contact Greater Manchester Police with regards to any press enquiries about the floods.



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Photographs taken from Manchester Evening News website.