Rich Wood is one of our many Ambassadors at Forever Manchester.

Our Ambassador network is comprised of local people who care about where they live, work and play. These individuals raise funds and raise awareness of Forever Manchester throughout Greater Manchester; helping us to help local people to do extraordinary things together in our ten boroughs.

Recently, Rich furthered his commitment to Forever Manchester by signing up his business, Grain. As well as this, Rich will be doing 10 challenges in 10 days this summer with his fellow Ambassador, Darren Ratcliffe. Rich will also be racing in the Great Manchester 10k this May alongside his wife and some of his colleagues to raise money for Forever Manchester.

You can sponsor their efforts by clicking here.

We caught up with Rich to find out a little more about him…

Forever Manchester: What is your job title?

Rich Wood: Managing Director of Grain

FM: What does your business do?

RW: Growth Marketing

FM: Have you or your business been recognised with any awards?

RW: I won the Institute of Directors North West Startup Director of the Year Award – catchy title, I know.

FM: What do you love about Forever Manchester?

RW: It’s uniquly Mancunian away to helping the community it loves, the way the staff, ambassadors and volunteers all give so much and the fact Forever Manchester does incredible things!

FM: What makes Manchester unique to you?

RW: It’s the jewel in the North and even speaking as a Londoner I can’t think of a city I would rather be part of. I love the tongue in cheek approach to life and the way the city has so much to offer – apart from decent football.

FM: What upcoming activities have you got coming up as a Forever Manchester Ambassador?

RW: Stupidly, again I promised to do the Manchester 10K again this year. However, this year I’m dragging my entire team, wife and several friends in to it as well… Entry to the 10k is actually what I got my wife for Valentines. She’s only just started speaking to me again. You win some, you lose some.

FM: Grain recently signed up as a Forever Manchester Corporate Partner – why is it important that you support local communities as an individual and a company?

RW: I don’t think Grain’s success over the last year would have been possible in the same way or at the same pace in any other city in the UK. A supportive, friendly community and a desire to see each other succeed has really helped us and we felt that giving something back to the city and the wider community was important. As an ambassador I’ve been privileged to see the work, effort and affect Forever Manchester has had. It was a very easy decision for us to make.

Now onto the serious questions, Rich. Would you rather…

Q: Smell like Boddingtons, or cry Vimto tears?

A: Vimto – there’s nothing worse than eau de stale beer in the mornings and Vimto tears is an interesting conversation starter.

Q: Have legs as long as your fingers, or fingers as long as your legs?

A: Finger sized legs has way more comic appeal. I think the legs, rather than creepy witch like fingers.

Q: Have to run up the stairs of Beetham Tower twice a day for a year or down a pint of the ship canal once?

A: The tower. Those canals look grim for all sorts of reasons. But that’s not an actual choice right? I’m not committing to running up Beetham tower, charity or not.

Q: Walk everywhere like Liam Gallagher or dance everywhere like Bez?

A: Bez. I don’t think I’m cool enough to pull off the Manc shuffle and Bez always looks like he’s having a whale of a time.

Q: Win the lottery or live twice as long?

A: Lottery. Who wants to live twice as long?! I’d take the money and run. By run, I mean buy a pimped out “German whip” and cruise off into the sunset.

Q: Lick the floor in Piccadilly Wetherspoons or eat a Piccadilly pigeon?

A: Pigeon. There’s nowhere more grim than the floor of a Wetherspoons (allegedly) that the pigeon could have visited. And pigeon is actually pretty tasty, once you remove the lead shot.