Two Forever Manchester supporters, Mel Hill and Vikki Snowden, have launched the DeCASKthlon to raise money as part of Forever Manchester Week.

The DeCASKthlon is like a decathlon, but with pubs, pints and, well, more pints! Hosted in Manchester’s Northern Quarter across 10 pubs (the aim is to make it to all 10 to complete your decathlon) the DeCASKthlon will take place on Sunday 12th June from 1pm.

It’s not like a normal decathlon, so they’re not looking for athletes – don’t worry! The only running will be to the bar, the only hops will be in your glass and the only skips will be down the street (you get the point).

On entering each pub you’ll pay £1, which will go directly to Forever Manchester. Any pub you don’t make it to you because you’re too drunk, tired or rubbish, you will be fined £2 per pub.

If you make it to all 10 pubs, you’ll be donating £10 to Forever Manchester. This means “charitable drinking” – everyone’s fave!

Mel and Vikki are scheduling in 30 minutes for each pub, meaning the whole event will take approximately 5 hours. This way you’ll be finished for 6, home for 7, in bed for 8 and have a good night’s sleep before work the next day.

If you’re well prepared, you could even book Monday 13th off work – treat yourself!

The 10 pubs the DeCASKthlon be heading to are: The Blue Pig, Walrus, Odd, Cane & Grain, Soup Kitchen, Bakerie, PLY, Port Street Beer House, Kosmonaut and Tariff & Dale.

Each of these pubs will be taking part in Manchester Beer Week, where Forever Manchester is the charity partner. Some of these pubs will even be stocking our Forever Manchester ‘Ten Boroughs’ Beer in association with Manchester Brewing Co., so be sure to look out for it!

The Route

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Sign up

Sunday 12th June
1pm-6pm (approx.)

Free registration:

More information

For more information head to the DeCASKthlon website.