Friends of West Gorton Community Park (FWGCP) are a group of residents and volunteers who run activities in their local park to bring the community together.

Born from the desire to create an environment where people could come together to make friends and enjoy the green space together, FWCGP provides neighbours with the chance to get to know each other, creating a bigger sense of community and belonging in the area. A fantastic example of what a community can achieve when everyone pulls together, Gorton Community Park is now a lively hub of activity in the area.

A small group of volunteers regularly hold events and activities in the space for all residents, with a particular focus on children, providing them with the opportunity to get together in the school holidays, connect with each other, have some fun, and get their bodies moving. There are also residents who have children with additional needs, and these families have benefited greatly from park visits and an expanding network of social interactions. 

The volunteer group hosts all sorts of events, including sports days, Easter egg hunts, Halloween parties and Christmas light switch-ons. Recently a brand-new sensory garden also opened. With all residents having the chance to input ideas and share their opinions, the park activities are built around community needs, and with everyone chipping in activities are able to flourish.

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Date added: 3rd November 2023