Forever Manchester’s mission is to help local people do extraordinary things together and for over 20 years we‘ve been doing just that – supporting grassroots community activity in neighbourhoods across Greater Manchester.

Our job is to make sure that support reaches the local people and projects where it’ll make a real lasting difference.

But we’ve also been guilty of creating an ugly competition, where the winner is whoever can shout loudest about how bad things are and how disadvantaged their community is. To make sure there could be no cheating, we’d check these claims against national deprivation statistics and once satisfied that things really were as bad as we were being told, we’d see if we could fund the group in question. This is an exaggeration of course… but not much of one!

In 2011 we saw the light and established the UK’s first Community Building team, adopting the Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) approach to helping local communities. This dedicated resource focuses on helping local residents to use the assets and skills that they already have available to build and improve their neighbourhoods from the inside out.

The Neighbourhood Works training courses have been developed to enable us to pass on the techniques and knowledge we’ve acquired to help practioners and those new to ABCD to further develop their skills and understanding of this exciting and effective approach.

The courses are delivered by Forever Manchester’s Community Building team who are all qualified professional trainers and have hands-on experience of working in an ABCD way in local neighbourhoods. They’re designed to be interactive and a lot of funand they’ll give you real insight into what works and why.

But don’t just take our word for it see what others are saying…

“I haven’t seen anyone explain what asset based working is while simultaneously evoking the relational and human dimensions of the work as well as you and your team did this morning. There was just the right mix of interactive activity, theory and storytelling. This was not business as usual and the people I spoke to were very much taken with that aspect of the workshop.”
Lynn Shorter, Senior Lecturer – University of Central Lancaster

“The training was fantastic. It takes working with people back to grassroots.”
Daniel Armitt, Customer Involvement Officer – First Choice Homes Oldham

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