Our asset-based community development approach has been recognised in New Start magazine.

Newstartmag.co.uk | Published on Tuesday 23rd July 2013

Community building in Oldham: the UK’s first story of ABCD in action

An asset-based approach to community development is paying dividends in three areas of Greater Manchester, as Nick Massey explains.

“Forever Manchester, the Community Foundation for Greater Manchester, has been tested recently in its mission – helping people do extraordinary things – not only because of funding pressures, but because of an idea; a challenge to the current ‘fund it, fix it’ prescription for so-called ‘deprived and troubled’ communities.

Over the past 15 years we’ve had the responsibility of attracting funding for communities in Greater Manchester, bringing in over £35m in that period.  With funding now ever more restrictive we started to look at other ways to support communities.  One of these was the asset-based community development (ABCD) approach.

Eighteen months ago, we piloted the community building principle in three areas of Greater Manchester – Alt and St James’ in Oldham and Lostock in Trafford.  All are considered ‘deprived’ areas, however not untypical of most neighbourhoods that are disconnected because neighbours don’t know each other.”

You can see the article in its entirety here.