In autumn 2012, Alison met James Hampson at a PTA meeting at her child’s primary school.

James told her about a pioneering new idea being trialled in Lostock, based on the ABCD approach. A seed was planted is Alison’s mind.

Alison comments, “I thought about the skills that I have myself and the things that I enjoy. I’m a mum to five happy children. I realised how much I have taught them over the years. I like to read, write and cook. As a child, my grandmother taught me how to knit and sew. My favourite thing in the world is to bring people together and make them happy. I thought, there must be something I can do with this”.

Alison came up with an idea for a Kid’s Café to run at the Barton Clough primary school. This was to be a family club where parents could bring along their children to learn new skills and play. The concept for Kid’s Café was met with enthusiasm and support from the teaching staff and Alison received £250 of funding from Forever Manchester’s Cash 4 Graft scheme to get started.

The after school club has gone from strength to strength and Alison has now been appointed as a Community Building Support Worker with Forever Manchester in Lostock.

James says “As Kid’s Café has grown, I’ve watched Alison transform from a shy woman, always thinking about what she couldn’t do rather than what she could, to a community builder with a talent for connecting people identifying skills, assets and bringing those neighbours together.