Forever Manchester’s Community Builder’s ongoing project in Alt, Oldham has gone worldwide!

The residents of Alt have set up a summer fayre in their area, due to take place tomorrow (Saturday 21st June) between 12pm-3.30pm.

Part of the event is the ‘Yarn Bombing’ campaign, which is Cash 4 Graft awarded. ‘Yarn Bombing’ has aimed to get local residents to knit decorations for the trees on the Alt Estate, as well as large squares, which they could knit together in order to create a huge picnic blanket.

The ‘Yarn Bombing’ campaign has grown and grown, with people knitting across Greater Manchester turning into people knitting in Newcastle and Wales. The mission has now stretched as far as Canada and America.

There will be 21 stalls, including Greater Manchester Police and Fire services, as well as a complete forensic science tent, where forensic scientists will take you through the process of how they map out a crime scene.

Among these stalls will also be some of our Cash 4 Graft award recipients including the Alt Jam Makers, who have set up their business since Forever Manchester helped their community to plant an orchard in the Alt area as well as the Culture Club, who specialise in making Jamaican food.

Our Cash 4 Graft Awards are currently available in the Trafford and Oldham areas where we are currently helping to build communities by using the ABCD approach.

If you are a resident in the Oldham and Trafford areas with a great idea, contact our awards team on 0161 214 0940 to apply for funding now.