Saturday 4th July saw 5 FM supporters take to the sky for our annual sky dive

The weather stayed nice, meaning all of our jumpers managed to jump on the day.

Each sky diver freefalled from 11,000 feet at approximately 120mph, creating the adrenaline rush of a lifetime!

Forever Manchester would like to say a huge thank you to all of our jumpers who have helped to raise a great amount of money, benefiting local people across Greater Manchester.

Our divers took the leap of faith for a variety of reasons. We had representatives from Corporate Partners One Advice Group taking the plunge as part of their company’s commitment to raising funds for Forever Manchester, as well as Will Lythgoe and Laura Collier, who jumped in memory of Will’s dad, who sadly passed away last year.

Our very own Lyndsey Ashworth also jumped on the day (pictured). Lyndsey overcame her fear of heights to give back to Forever Manchester. Lyndsey is a Community Builder with us, who we met through her work in the community in Oldham. Before the jump, Lyndsey said: “I’m absolutely petrified. Every time I think about it, my tummy wobbles. I can’t believe I’m actually going to do it.” Lyndsey overcame these incredible fears to give back to Forever Manchester saying “Forever Manchester changed my life. It’s only fair I do something for them. It’s not a challenge unless I’m afraid of it.”

Congratulations to all of our jumpers, who all overcame their fears to raise a great amount of money for their communities.