Forever Manchester’s supporters took to the skies at Black Knights Parachute Centre in Lancaster on Saturday 5th July, seeing them freefall at approximately 120 mph, while descending nearly 5,000 feet.

So far, our skydivers have raised £5,500 and that figure is rising thanks to their fantastic fundraising efforts.

Special thanks goes to our ambassador Claire Leaman from Space Zero, who hosted and organised the sky dive, supporting jumpers on the day, while trying to calm her own nerves before she took the plunge herself.

Other ambassadors to don the jumpsuit on the day and freefall were Ric Brooks and Sam Jones from Tunafish and Suzie Lewis from Metronet (pictured above), alongside FM board member Rachel Smith.

Two former Forever Manchester employees also took part on the day; Amy Conlock and Harpreet Landa. Harpreet’s commitment to the cause has to be commended, who after a big night out the night before, ended up paying £150 in a black cab to get her from Chorlton to Black Knights in Lancaster so she could still go ahead with the skydive.

Our Manchester Millions partners also got involved on the day – Lee Hopper from ANS, Jack Barton from the Hard Rock Café, Mike Moore from Red Star Creative and Kim Holden and Nicola Elliott from JCI.

There were also plenty of individuals who took part on the day; Mark Davies, Sarah Martin, Philip Sayle, Rosanne McMahon, Aston Kelly, Christine Duncan, Jenna Lambert, Liane Grimshaw, Lisa Jones, Anthony Hesford and Kerry Bradshaw. Our Snowdon climbers Donna McMahon and Laura Gordon also jumped on the day.

Steven and Serpil Lindsay sky dived for us last month, and Sue Wilkinson and Peter Knight are due to jump in the coming weeks.

Thank you to each individual for their efforts and bravery. The monies raised will go toward improving communities across Greater Manchester.