With huge summer blockbusters raking in the millions over the past month, we’re focussing on film making in communities…

Pixar’s latest creation, Inside Out made $90.4m in its opening weekend in the USA alone, but at The Film Makers Club, it’s the passion and self-confidence created that’s the real accomplishment.

Forever Manchester funded the first ‘Film Makers Club’ which ran for 10 weeks. About 30 youngsters, aged between 8-15 from the Flixton, Urmston, Davyhulme, Stretford and Partington areas attended the course held in a local church hall. As the club was free to attend it attracted children regardless of their background.

Each week they learnt new skills relating to film making activities such as; brainstorming, research, creating story-boards, filming tips, lighting and audio as well as practicing interview techniques. The young people were divided into groups and produced 4 short films based around Trafford. They learnt about the history and the development of their towns over the years as well as getting to know many new people from different generations and backgrounds within their own communities.

A Film Premiere was held to showcase the films to family and friends and it was a fantastic evening! The youngsters were very proud of their achievements and parents were incredibly enthusiastic about the overall experience and are keen for it to be continued.

One young participant, Hannah Maines aged 15, said: “I have benefited lots from attending ‘The Film Makers Club’. I aspire to work in the media or filmmaking industry in the future and going to the Film Makers Club allowed me to learn more about making films, to acquire new skills by using professional equipment and to have fun, therefore becoming even more enthusiastic about film making!

“Using the cameras, creating story-boards and interviewing people gave me a perspective of the different aspects of film making and I realised what my favourite aspects were. After the ‘The Film Makers Club’ I did my GCSE work experience at Luxson Ltd. (who ran the club) and I believe that my experience from the club gave me some background knowledge and a basis for the work I produced during the work experience.”

Hannah has since achieved an A* grade in her Media Studies GCSE and has gone on to study Media, Film, Photography and English Literature at Salford City College.

Building self-confidence and improving the skills of people in communities is what community groups and projects are all about. People like Hannah are in community groups every week thanks to volunteers across Greater Manchester.

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