The next First Friday is at Lock 91 in Manchester city centre on Friday 1st April 4-6pm.

First Friday has successfully been held at this venue before, with each event being jam-packed previously, we’re looking forward to another successful event, with it filling up quickly already.

Lock 91 is a great venue but also has an interesting history…

Lock 91 is situated on the corner of Deansgate Locks, a Grade II listed structure, which was redeveloped in 1999, when each of the 12 arches became home to a leisure facility, including the famous Comedy Store.

Pictured below is the difference in the Locks before and after the regeneration in 1999.

Locks in 1979 courtesy of Chris Bushill

Locks in 1979 copyright Chris Bushill

Locks in 2006 copyright PIG and PINEAPPLE

Locks in 2006 copyright PIG and PINEAPPLE

Lock 91 is at the 91st lock on the Rochdale Ship Canal (also known as the Tunnel Lock) and is the penultimate lock on the canal, which finishes further up at Dukes 92.

As its situated at the bottom of the canal, Lock 91 should actually be Lock 2, but the canal was built by a Yorkshireman who refused to have Lock 1 (now known as Lock 92) in Lancashire – a real battle of the roses! Obviously it’s now within the boundaries of Greater Manchester, but this was back in 1804, when Greater Manchester didn’t actually exist!

Lock 91 itself is a beautifully transformed Lock Keeper’s cottage and homed the Lock Keeper whose job was to open and close the locks, maintain the lock and report anything untoward happening around their lock.

Inside, the venue itself is equally as interesting. The Attic, which is the room we’ll be situated in for our event (pictured as the main image) has Victorian grandeur at its regency best, a large cavernous Attic dance floor which goes into a cove and large bar area, creating a truly spectacular space and the jewel in the crown of Lock 91’s much loved cottage.

First Friday provides our supporters with the chance to connect and mingle in a relaxed environment. It brings together an eclectic mix of businesses and is free to sign up, though we ask that you register using the booking form below:

Friday 1st April
Lock 91, Lock Keepers Cottage,
9 Century Street
M3 4QL