Express Solicitors have committed to supporting Forever Manchester until 2016.

The solicitors, based in Northenden have so far raised an astonishing £11,653 since they began supporting us, and they hope to raise even more between now and August 2016.

Throughout our relationship with Express Solicitors their staff have all been very keen to get involved and have also been very passionate about Forever Manchester. They have raised funds in various ways, with bike rides, runs, bake sales, summer parties, raffles and everything in between. Express also have a themed fund with us, where they offer awards of up to £500 to community groups operating in the Northenden and Wythenshawe areas.

As well as all of this, Express Solicitors sponsored the Halloween Spooktacular last year, helping us to raise £7,500 to invest back into communities across Greater Manchester.

Carole Jones, Associate Partner at Express Solicitors said of our relationship: “We are hugely happy with our collaboration with FM, largely thanks to Ged, and everyone else at Forever Manchester. I think you [Forever Manchester] have really understood where we are coming from and have been a great partner.”

We are over the moon to hear that Express Solicitors wish to continue their support for us until next summer and are looking forward to seeing what the law firm have in store for us over the next 17 months.

Next up, they will have 19 runners representing them and Forever Manchester in the Great Manchester 10k Run in a bid to try and win our Captain Manchester Cool Runnings Award. They have also confirmed that they will be continuing their themed fund, awarding groups in Wythenshawe and Northenden, the communities in which their staff live and work.

Nick Massey, Chief Exec said: “We are delighted to have the support of Express Solicitors until 2016. We have really enjoyed working with them and their commitment to us is a credit to them as a business. Here’s hoping they sign up for another year in 2016!”