Express Solicitors has recently joined our Manchester Million Business Club as well as supporting a Themed Fund to provide a meaningful focus for their charitable giving.

They are looking forward to engaging their staff and working alongside Forever Manchester to develop their Themed Fund; providing funding for community groups across Greater Manchester.

Based in Northenden they specialise in personal injury litigation. With a staff of 150 they are keen to get involved with fundraising and volunteering activities with Forever Manchester.

Carole Jones, Associate Partner of HR (non lawyer), says: “We chose to work with Forever Manchester as we were impressed with their commitment to working with communities to have a long lasting impact. It’s not just about deploying funds, it’s about asset registers of skills and working parties to make a real difference to people’s lives in a meaningful way and that is something which echoes the model of Express Solicitors in the work we do within the Personal Injury sector. 

“We are proud to join the fabulous work that Forever Manchester do and look forward to making a significant contribution to the charity, especially in and around the Northenden area and community. Our staff are largely locally based and we think we will be an ideal partner to FM in many different ways. We look forward to working with you and the other Manchester Million Business Club contributors.”

If you’d like to develop your own Themed Fund with us please contact Jean Mills on 0161 214 0940 or email