We’re so excited to finally announce the launch of our new poem, This is the Place.  It was crafted by our poet in residence, Tony Walsh a.k.a. Longfella, because we wanted to do something that captured our sense of Mancunian pride, tugged on the heartstrings and made people laugh.

If you’re from round ‘ere and you love this place for whatever reason, you’ll understand that Manchester is at the centre of something special. It’s all about the music, the football, the architecture and the people. We wanted to express the sense of self-deprecation that people round here are famous for, but also reflect the pride about what goes on here – whether it’s the high-brow stuff, the academia or whether it’s just people doing stuff for themselves.

Our Chief Exec, Nick Massey, comments: “This is the Place makes reference to some fabulous places and brilliant things that have happened around the Manchester area. It talks about the history and refers to the future. It talks about us pulling together as a group of people and that’s exactly what Forever Manchester is about.”

So if you love Manchester and feel moved by what you’ve just seen, please check out the ways that you can donate. Through generous donations and plenty of fundraising, we can support communities across Manchester now and forever.

P.S. A big thank you to Tony for capturing what we’re about in such a witty and emotional way, and to our friends over at Studio North for producing such a fitting video!