Dyslexic By Nature is a group we recently funded in the Chorlton area of Manchester.

The group aim to reduce the social isolation and stigma individuals with dyslexia feel.

Dyslexic By Nature offer a weekly educational support class, whilst also providing peer support and activity days to boost confidence, life experiences and friendship. This funding will cover three walks into the Greater Manchester countryside, two creative art workshops and two relaxation and health days.

Funding from Forever Manchester helped to further extend and develop the group’s user-led self-help Dyslexic by Nature project. The project’s aim is to expand and develop our community of adult dyslexics by offering a range of activities which meet the needs of adults who face multiple disadvantages within society.

The project is run by a committee of local volunteers who are very concerned about the lack of help and support for adults with dyslexia and the stigma that goes with this. All of their members were labelled ‘stupid’ or ‘lazy’ within school and did not discover they were dyslexic until later in life. As a result many carry with them very difficult and negative experiences from school, resulting in poor self-image, poor literacy skills and, as a result, restricted employment opportunities and low income work.

The award given to Dyslexic By Nature by Forever Manchester covered:

  • 3 walks in the Greater Manchester countryside, led by group members, using GMPTE Wayfarers so the travel on all transport is free for individuals that day. These walks will be a forum to share support strategies as the group walk together and will also reduce stress and increase well-being for dyslexic adults who must navigate through the non-dyslexic world with a hidden disability.
  • 2 creative event days, focusing upon dyslexic strengths around visulalisation, imagination and storytelling.
  • 1 Tai Chi day session
  • 1 Mindfulness for Relaxation day session to provide members with the tools to manage the high levels of anxiety commonly experienced by adults with dyslexia.

A few testimonials from attendees included:

“It’s always great to know you are not as stupid as teachers used to say. We are all like minded people”

“Very calm day. Lots of interesting facts passed on. I have a feeling of coping when I have been on a walk with like-minded people. Also it’s a time someone can organise my day so I know I will not get lost or miss the train. It’s a great day out”

“Amazing group. Amazing people. Makes me very proud to be dyslexic. Great for networking, thank you”

“I had a great time with people I would identify with. It also enabled me to build my confidence in a social environment. I look forward to the next social outing”

Dyslexic By Nature are a great group, who were funded earlier in March this year. This group is ran by volunteers, who use their free time to build people’s confidence and remove the stigma they have been brushed with from a young age. Helping individuals with Dyslexia to feel ‘normal’ and also helping them to realise they are not alone.

This can often make a huge difference to an individual, leading to employment, happiness and improvements to general health.

If you’re a community group who make a difference to the people of Greater Manchester, head to our funding page to see whether you’re eligible to apply for any of our awards.

Alternatively, contact our Awards team on 0161 214 0940.