Our Events and Volunteers Officer, Cheryl Hill is a regular on the food blogger scene and headed to Drunken Butcher’s event for us on Saturday 22nd June.

Here’s what she had to say about what the infamous chef served up…

We aren’t telling you porkies when we say that the Drunken Butcher raised £400 at his The Joy of Pork event this weekend, hosted by Red Bank Company.

The Joy of Pork is a simple menu, a menu that focuses on the delights of one simple chubby little (sometimes not so little) animal – the pig. Something Iain is proud of is his ability to make use of every part of. I can only say that this menu highlights that capability. The soy and chilli pork cheeks are probably one of my highlights, an infamous dish that pops up regularly at different supper clubs due to its sheer popularity. Imagine a little bit of porky heaven.

The torchon of pigs head does not initially sound appetising, poached pigs head with all the edible meat ripped off and then deep fried. I think once you hit the deep fried part it all becomes ok again, especially when paired with the cherry sauce and mustard mayo. A simple contrast of flavours to get you ready for the main and oh what a main.

If you’re a meat lover, then this is for you. Served family style and I swear I saw the waitresses resting their arms after, the attendees were in awe of the sheer amount of pig placed on the board in front of them. Have you ever been intimidated by pork? This is an occasion where that becomes a possibility. Not only that but some roasted potatoes with pork belly and cauliflower cheese with chorizo running through it were also on offer. Not a green in sight, but then that’s not what the Drunken Butcher is about. I’m not certain but I’m pretty sure a lot of people were suffering from the meat sweats after this.

Finally a small relief from the porky-ness with a delicious plum and raisin soup with some homemade cinnamon ice-cream for pudding. Followed by his homemade oreos (much better than the real ones, seriously) and a Jim Beam milkshake. Overall a lot of satisfied folk with full bellies. I can’t think of a better way to raise money than getting an insane amount of pork in your system. All hail the pork.