The competition was fierce in our Halloween Lockdown which saw 8 brave individuals locked in the Dead Room in the bowels of the Corn Exchange on the scariest night of the year.

The team entered the allegedly haunted basement along with ghostbuster Stuart Marshall at 6pm and attempted to communicate with spirits. Desperate to get out quickly and be whisked off to our Halloween Ball the contestants had to raise as much money as possible.

Massive thanks to all involved who collectively raised over £3,400! Especially our fave Manc chef, Andrew Nutter, for persuading Adam Corbally (The Apprentice) and Mellissa Travis (ITV2 Girlfriends) to take on the challenge, and also to Adam and to Mellissa for her tireless Twitter efforts which resulted in an amazing result including a £500 anonymous donation!

Contestant Total Raised
Mellissa Travis £1,312.18
Andrew Nutter £633.00
Sam Jones, Tunafish Media £477.00
Adam Corbally £440.00
Gemma and Richard, Dinosaur PR £320.00
Sarah Walters, MEN £233.00
Captain Manchester £50.00
Total £3,465.18

The Lockdown kicked off a spooktacular night of events and fundraising for Forever Manchester having raised another £5,000 at our Halloween Tour, Halloween Ball and the Chamber of Commerce Property and Constructions Awards. What a night!