This month, our Head of Business Development Jean Mills met up with Debra Burns for a quick brew.

When our Business team meets with our Corporate Partners we get them to ask the same questions. We were pleased to announce Boss Model Management committed to support Forever Manchester with a donation earlier this year and our Jean met with Debra Burns this month.

Debra Burns is Managing Director of Boss Model Management, here’s her answers…

1. What do you guys do?

With Boss Model Management, we build and manage careers for fashion models, fashion stylists, make-up artists, commercial and child models. We also develop and manage actors’ careers, and have hundreds of supporting artists too, all working in film and television with Boss Casting. Never a dull moment!

2. What do you love about Manchester? 

The people, the history, the culture, the architecture, and the unique vibe of unstoppable, creative, innovative, clever individuals who all contribute to make Manchester the most intriguing city.

3. What made you support Forever Manchester? 

We believe in Manchester. Forever Manchester has the perfect platform for reaching out to the people of Manchester who need it most, in a positive, supportive and life enriching way. They do what we’d like to do, and they’re such nice people!

4. Favourite Manchester memory?

Aw, there’s so many! Ian Curtis and Joy Division at The Russell Club in 1976; Manchester City’s homecoming after their amazing premier league win in 2012; walking by the three beautiful bronze sculptures in Piccadilly Gardens; walking under the cherry tree blossom alongside Portland St (whatever happened to them); the devastation of the 1996 IRA bomb and the subsequent regeneration…don’t get me started, I could go on forever!

5. One word to describe Manchester? 

Take your pick; Inspirational. Extraordinary. Magnanimous.