We are pleased to announce that legendary Manchester DJ and author, Dave Haslam will be DJ’ing at our 25th Birthday.

Dave has become an adopted Mancunian since moving to the city after being sucked in by its music scene in 1980. He said: “I came to live in Manchester when I started a university course here. I arrived from Birmingham, which had a great music scene in the end of the 1970s, but Manchester had Joy Division and the Fall and I loved them. I’d chosen my degree course purely on the strength of wanting to be in the same city as Factory Records. Such a fan boy! I found allies and a home in the music scene. Of course, many people in all cities have roots somewhere else, especially if you go back a generation or two; Manchester seems particularly welcoming to people who choose to come here and make a life.”

Dave Haslam is best known for his weekly residency in the infamous Hacienda from 1986-1990, which came about from his successful ‘Magic Roundabout’ night held at the Venue throughout 1985. Dave also started a fanzine called ‘Debris’ and met and interviewed Morrissey and Mark E Smith. From this, he began working for the NME, where he interviewed New Order and began bringing unknown bands at the time to Manchester. Some of these bands went on to become huge, like Sonic Youth and Primal Scream.

Of his time DJ’ing at the Hacienda and other clubs, Dave said: “Being a Factory fanboy, I loved being at the Hacienda and I was blessed to be able to witness and participate in the rise of the scene at the club and Madchester in the late 1980’s. I fell into it all a bit accidentally – in that I hadn’t realised it would be a career, but in 1990 I had gigs including DJ sets in Paris and Detroit and warming-up for the Stone Roses at Spike Island, which were all great but at the end of the year I had an urge to do my own nights, which is one reason I moved from the Hacienda to the Boardwalk on Little Peter St. The building had previously been a church school, and now houses the Forever Manchester offices.”

“The club nights and events I organised and hosted at the Boardwalk included ‘Yellow’ which lasted every Friday from 1992 to 1999. Amazing to think now that I was there every weekend, but it was an exciting mix of people including loads of footballers, like Ryan Giggs, Paul Ince, Ian Wright and Graeme Le Saux.”

“One time the chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall came up to Manchester to review a restaurant, and in the review he wrote how he’d asked the waiter where he should go for a proper Manchester night out and had been directed to ‘Yellow’. It was, he said his “best night out ever”. And, actually it was a great night, there was no VIP room for the celebs, they hung out with all the rest of the crowd, it was such a great mix, all kinds of people from all over the city. One of the DJs from New York who guested at the Boardwalk once said to me “We’d never get a mix of races and backgrounds like this back home” and that made me proud.”

Dave still DJs and runs events, including a lot of live on-stage interview events; in October he organised for John Lydon to launch his new book in Manchester. After emailing him a photo of Albert Hall on Peter St he accepted the proposal, more-or-less on the strength of how it looks, a jewel in the North. Dave also does a lot of events at the Royal Exchange.

Forever Manchester are extremely pleased that Dave supports our cause and has accepted our invitation to DJ our one-off event on 20th February 2015. Of Forever Manchester, Dave said: “I’m a supporter of Forever Manchester because it’s a charity that understands that we’re all engaged in a big project to make a positive changes to our city, but the success of that big project relies on lots of smaller grassroots projects and people chasing and fulfilling their dreams and aspirations and helping other people so to do. Throughout these thirty-plus years, I guess I have been energised by a do it yourself attitude which is strong in Manchester. Factory Records isn’t the only example in music, of course – I’ve also always admired Richard Boon, Linder Sterling and the people around the New Hormones record label and the Buzzcocks. But Factory had Tony Wilson who was such a great evangelist for what was happening in the city. If you have success, you give back something. That’s a good lesson.”

Tickets are now available for our 25th birthday celebration at The Midland in February by clicking here. Sponsorship opportunities are also available, which is a great way to get excellent brand awareness for your business. For more information email jean@forevermanchester.com or call 0161 214 0940.