Ambassador, Darren Ratcliffe set himself a target earlier this year to do 12 challenges in 12 months to raise money for Forever Manchester.

With just a few challenges left, here’s his blog:

I’m writing this ahead of my penultimate obstacle race of the year – next up is Tough Guy down in Wolverhampton… the very name makes me chuckle as I’m not tough in the slightest – so I am feeling the usual apprehension that comes with these events!

The event includes stuff that gives me sweaty palms and what I think may be an anxiety attack – things like running up and down a large hill… twenty times, the obligatory electric shocks and something called Elephant Graveyard. I never look at pictures of the obstacles or I’d never do them. I’ve lost count at how many times I’ve been close to tears or cried this year. Man up I hear you call. It’s a result of being scared of well, everything!

Our last event was Tough Mudder – not the longest event that we’ve faced this year – but it certainly is one of the hardest… everything is geared up to make you face your fears. From climbing 20ft ropes, submerging myself in skips of ice and electric shocks more shocking than I can now remember – it was a good day.

Watch us in action here:

After that we’ve got a Mens Health event in November – jumping into the Manchester Ship Canal at that time of year is never fun – ever! The last one is a Santa run over at Old Trafford… it’s a simple 5k run and so far I’ve avoided injury so I guess on the easiest of events it’s where I’ll get a broken leg!

We’ve managed to raise £888 so far for Forever Manchester which is the charity that I’m fortunate enough to be an ambassador for – it’s a great cause and through it I’ve met some amazing people.

If you’d like to support both myself and Neil, you can either text WEBD99 £5 to 70070 or you can donate byclicking here

What about 2015?

Planning is already afoot for what to do in 2015 – it won’t be anywhere near as many things as this year – but I am signed up for lots already including Tough Mudder and Rat Race Dirty weekend. The former is the worlds largest obstacle course and it’s over 20 miles long!

Perfect preparation prevents p*** poor performance I was once told – and that’s exactly why plans are already afoot for 2016… and I’m trying to get a place in the North Korea marathon… that should be very interesting!

Whatever the plans include, the memory of 12 in 12 will go on for a long time!