We love Greater Manchester. It’s unique.

It’s the place where the atom was split, the Industrial Revolution was born, the Co-operative Movement was founded, and the computer and vegetarianism were invented. It’s the home of two juggernaut football clubs, the UK’s longest running soap and the monumental Warehouse Project. Manchester is brimming with talent. It’s a place where anybody with an idea can change the world.

At Forever Manchester we form friendships with local businesses that share our passion for this amazing place and want to continue to keep it great. Cube3 are exactly that.

In a lovely little blog Cube3 say, “Forever Manchester likes to make an impact and inspire positive change in communities and that’s what we do too. It’s something we aim to do every day for our clients. They look to the future, aiming to build a £50 million infinity fund to ensure our communities can continue to grow forever. And that forward thinking outlook is something instilled in us too. Put simply we’re a good match.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Read the whole blog here.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how you can work with our charity contact Jean Mills, Head of Business Development, on 0161 214 0955 or jean@forevermanchester.com