Coronation Street’s Brooke Vincent and Katie McGlynn are braving the underground bank vault of the old Lloyds Bank Building on Upper King Street.

Brook Vincent (Sophie Webster) and Katie McGlyn (Sinead Tinker) have taken on our Halloween Lockdown challenge to raise money for community groups across Greater Manchester.

The stars will be raising money for Forever Manchester, where we are always encouraging local people to do extraordinary things and this task is far from ordinary!

The challenge, set on the eve of our Halloween Ball on 31st October will see the two soapstars locked deep underground in a disused bank vault in the famous King Street building and they won’t be alone…

Joining them will be other Mancunian stars, as well as Ghost Hunter Stuart Marshall, who will explore the weird and wonderful paranormal goings on on the evening.

As Pagan tradition states, All Hallows Eve is the night that ghosts, ghouls, devils and saints walk the Earth once more, meaning our celebs are set to be scared out of their wits all in aid of Forever Manchester.

The aim of the game is to ensure you have raised the most cash before entering the vault, this way you have more chance of being let out first. The person with the most money raised will be the first to be let out and the rest will follow at regular intervals until the person who has raised the least is left in the dark, haunted vault alone.

Bodies were recently found just a few metres from the Lockdown location during digging for the new Metrolink line, so who knows what the girls will find going bump in the night?

To save your fave, follow the links for Brooke or Katie‘s JustGiving pages and donate today.