We’ve got loads to tell you about what’s going on in Trafford this month.

The next two Lostock Ideas Works are taking place on Tuesday 27th August and Tuesday 8th October (both at 6:30pm at The Quest Centre, Barton Road, Stretford, M32 9PL). Ideas Works are open sessions, facilitated by community builders, for local people to meet and chat about their passions and discuss ideas about how to make their neighbourhood more connected.

People, who have lived on the same street for years but have barely spoken, often come together and share interests and create ideas for exciting community projects that we support with a £250 Cash 4 Graft award. We’ve had tonnes of success at our Ideas Works in Oldham with 8 Cash 4 Graft projects being launched (find out more next week…)

In other news the Lostock Area Family Fun Club are demonstrating the power of community with a speed awareness campaign to help calm traffic in the local area. It takes 2 or 3 deaths before local authorities make road safety a priority but that’s too late for the Lostock community. Parents and kids at the club have been designing and painting signs that they’re going to put up in the local area and are planning to raise enough money to have them turned into real signs.

Their efforts harken back to a community building initiative that took place in a neighbourhood in Seattle in the early 1990s. Residents were sick and tired of having their road safety concerns ignored so one night a group of local artists secretly painted a beautiful sunflower on a notoriously dangerous road to form a roundabout. The next day every car that passed used the sunflower roundabout correctly and the roads became a much safer place to be. A few neighbours, some guts and a lick of paint was all that was needed to make real change and demonstrate neighbour power.