Our Communities team have been out and about,  and supporting Greater Manchester communities in different ways. Here’s what they’ve been up to this month…

“As ever it’s been a busy and uplifting month with lots going on both in the office and out on the street. In the offi ce Gwen, Gayle and Rosie have been busy with the fi nal assessment of applications for a number of funds. The response has been huge and we’ve learnt about some great work being done by lots of groups from all over the region.

“As much as we’d like to, unfortunately we can’t fund everyone every time but we know that the money will be spent wisely by the successful groups to benefit loads of people in their

“James has been delivering a range of workshops to community development workers from a range of organisations who are all interested in learning more about our way of working with
communities. He has also been running sessions for community groups which have been really well received.

“We’ll be out delivering more across Greater Manchester to help community groups to recognise the great work they do and help them do even more of it.

“Finally we’ve also visited some of the community groups we’ve funded previously. The trip to Krafty Needles in Stockport was attended by FM staff, Ambassadors, Corporate Partners and
supporters. Our group visits are a great opportunity for us and our supporters to see the great work being done by community groups we fund first hand.

“Helen and Lyndsey have been out and about in Moston and Harpurhey meeting with local residents, discovering what they care about and discussing our future work in the area with them. They
have also connected with existing community groups in the area some who we have funded before and others that are completely new but all doing great work. Helen is now planning on bringing residents together to help us shape the future of the Fourteen project, featured in March’s edition of our fanzine.

“Rachel and Helen have also had informative meetings with housing associations, councillors, local business owners and a host of other people who are part of the communities of Moston and Harpurhey and we look forward to working with them and building some great relationships in the future.”

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