So you might notice that I look a little bit different on the front of this month’s Forever Now if you’ve received it.

If not, take a look here.

Cadence Ashworth, aged 9 from Alt in Oldham won an art competition put on by Forever Manchester with this drawing of me off on my jollies!

Forever Manchester is on the lookout for anyone and everyone to give it a whirl and either draw or illustrate me and send it in to

We’ve had a whole host of people asking us about it, and I’m pretty excited about some of the illustrators and graphic designers who are going to give it a go in the coming months.

All you need to do is email the above email address expressing your interest and we’ll send you over a template. It’ll be printed on the front of our fanzine with your name and either where you’re from with your age if you’re a little Manc or your company name if you’re a big Manc.

The fanzine goes out to 900 businesses across Greater Manchester as well as individual donors, so you’ll be seen far and wide!

I’m dead excited to see what everyone comes up with. Love that Cadence’s drawing shows me off on my holidays. I’m off to Blackpool, who’s coming?

Your entry to the competition can have me in whatever situation you fancy, I could be flying, nipping to the shops, cooking, cleaning – it’s up to you!

Looking forward to seeing them.
Captain Manchester x