Chief Exec Nick Massey’s monthly column in our fanzine, Forever Now focusses on his thoughts surround the recent election.

Ah…spring has sprung! There’s a freshness in the breeze coming off the water from Castlefield basin and a warmth to the pale sunshine peeking out from behind the Beetham Tower. There’s even a seven spotted ladybird on the windowsill for god sake!

So there should be a bounce in my step and an idiotic grin on my face but there’s not. Why? Well it’s probably not the corporate thing to say, but the increasingly unedifying sight of politicians bickering, sniggering, sniding, self-aggrandizing and generally behaving like self-satisfied sixth formers (no offence to sixth formers) it really did me ‘ead in and left me feeling irritated and confused and surprised by my own general ignorance about many of the crucial issues being discussed and even more unclear about what I think the answers might be. But hey, this is Manchester, and in the words of the late great Anthony Wilson, ‘we do things differently round here’.

In Manchester we break the rules and we do things ourselves, we don’t wait for other people to do stuff to us. We do things with imagination, with passion, with style and with a healthy pinch of self-deprecation and a massive dose of humour.

So this is not a time to feel let down or hopeless or shake your head in despair, let’s use this healthy disrespect as our springboard for a Manchester Spring, a quiet revolution built on our past traditions of getting off our backsides and creating, innovating, doing stuff together, caring for each other and making history.

If you’re reading this then you are probably already supporting our work across Greater Manchester, you’re already part of our quiet revolution, helping to raise £1million each year to be re-invested into the neighbourhoods where we live. You are investing in the people who create the magic that sets this place apart.

People like you and me. People who don’t want to wait to be told what to do. People who care enough to act. People who stand up for what they believe in. People like you and me.

Whisper it quietly, you are the Children of the Revolution.

See you soon,