Challenge 4 Change, based in Manchester, provides learning through fun activities and makes a real difference. They teach effective communication and team skills, inspire confidence and motivation, and enable people to overcome their perceived barriers in order to progress.

The Challenge 4 Change centre is the only indoor training centre of its kind in the North of England. Based in Trafford Park, the centre combines training and conference facilities with a 13-station aerial runway over 35 feet off the ground, a high ropes training course and a low-level obstacle course.

Challenge 4 Change provide team-building courses to enable people to acquire skills, knowledge and understanding of both themselves and others through experience in a unique and engaging way. They deliver training to groups of individuals, providing team and personal development.

The group also offer exclusive use of their unique facility to accommodate disabled people and their families. All are allowed access to the assault course, the giant swing, leap of faith and aerial trek, and the young disabled individuals left extremely proud of themselves. A proud and tired father left with his disabled daughter laughing and giggling about their efforts.

Challenge 4 Change said: “Being able to facilitate severely disabled people who are 100% reliant on somebody else is rewarding to say the least. As an organisation we are confident of providing personal development training to anyone with the right attitude.”

Marie, who has attended Challenge 4 Change with a group said: “Challenge 4 Change is a superb, safe setting which is perfectly equipped to enable children and young people of all abilities to take part in a variety of exciting activities. The staff are exceptionally well trained, welcoming, supportive and enthusiastic. They have a very positive attitude which is essential for success with children and young people with disabilities.”