A group of intrepid ghosthunters will gather in the bowels of the Corn Exchange this Halloween to expose ghostly goings-on and raise cash for Forever Manchester.

Celebrity chef Andrew Nutter, The Apprentice star Adam Corbally and Captain Manchester will head up a team featuring Manchester experts, journalists and renowned ghosthunter Stuart Marshall to find out exactly what is behind the recent spate of unexplained bumps in the night in the building’s basement.

But, there is a twist.

All the team members will be locked in a subterranean haunted Halloween room to be released only when they’ve raised donations from friends, family and contacts for Forever Manchester. Competitors will be released each hour and whisked off to the FM Halloween Ball across town, with the first out also being treated to an overnight at the Radisson hotel where the ball is being hosted. So the competition is fierce!

Deborah Stout, Corn Exchange centre manager comments, “There is no explained reason for the basement being constantly cold and items seemingly moving from locked rooms without any human intervention. This area is home to ghostly going-ons, from Manchester’s hanging ditch and Devil sightings at Chetham’s School of Music, so we wouldn’t be surprised if we had visitors of our own.”

Andrew says, “I’m determined to raise cash to get out of that place quickly and be whisked off to the Ball. The Corn Exchange is an amazing building, and given its history there are bound to be things down there we don’t want to encounter!”

Adam, recently voted Favourite Ever Apprentice Contestant by Radio Times readers, adds, “Not only am I always happy to raise cash for great charities like this, but I’m also a Ghostbusters fan and fancy myself as a bit of a Peter Venkman! Andrew’s a good mate of mine, but I’m fiercely competitive and determined it’s going to be me that gets out of there first – let battle commence!”

If you’d like to help any of the contestants escape the perils of the basement, you can donate to their pages at www.forevermanchester.com/halloweenlockdown