We are pleased to invite residents in Stretford to our Connecting Communities Workshop this evening.

The workshops are another way we are supporting groups with practical advice alongside our usual grants and awards.


They will include a variety of interactive and fun activities and discussions for you to engage in and enjoy.

Forever Manchester’s Connecting Communities Workshops are for community groups and local residents to learn about some of the tools and techniques we have developed to help find untapped local skills and talents to benefit their work in the community.

We hope these activities will reveal hidden talents amongst the community for residents to connect with and utilise.

The workshops will be held at Stretford Public Hall, which is a great story about communities connecting in itself.

Friends of Stretford Public Hall are a small group working extremely hard on a voluntary basis to open the hall to the public again. The group was formed 16 months ago as they were determined not to lose an incredible asset like the hall.

As the Hall is now publicly owned again, there has been a demand from the community to help bring the building back to life.

Friends of Stretford Public Hall is an organisation made up of local residents who recently won a bid to take over the ownership of the hall and bring it back to community use.

There are currently three founding members on the board of Friends of Stretford Public Hall and the public engagement has been so good that the group is now expanding.

The group said: “We want to bring back the heart of Stretford and return the building to its former glory; a civic hall that can be shared and used by the whole community. Bringing together the Arts, health, well-being, new enterprise and more together under one roof.”

This really resonates with our mission to encourage local people to do extraordinary things together and we look forward to seeing what the group achieves with the building.

If you live in and around Stretford and would like to join us in connecting with residents in your area, head to Stretford Public Hall this evening for our FREE event 7pm-9pm.

We look forward to seeing you there!