Read Captain Manchester’s latest column from this month’s Forever Now.

Hi All!

So this month I’ve got really exciting news…

I’m back. By back I mean back in your communities, not just writing my monthly fanzine column.

This September I’ll be back with a bang spreading kindness across Greater Manchester, helping to make it a happier place.

But this isn’t the best bit…I’ve got a new suit!

I’m so excited for you all to see it, it looks great, feels great and gives me so much more room for activities!

All will be revealed in due course, but, as you know my super power is kindness (although, I don’t have super powers; I have powers which are super). As my power is kindness, I’ll be out and about across the ten boroughs of Greater Manchester cheering people up, encouraging them to be kind and maybe even giving them some tasty treats to brighten up their day.

Before all of this, though, it would be great if you could all start tweeting me about things you do that are kind. Whether you’ve helped someone with their shopping, held the door for a stranger or even finally got that round in you owe your friends in the pub, send us over your #mcractsofkindness and I’ll be doing some myself.

Tweet them to @Captain_MCR. I look forward to seeing them!