A belated Happy New Year everyone!

My festive period was really fun and exciting. At the end of November I went to Fairfield Road Primary School in Droylsden. I surprised the pupils during Anti-Bullying Week after they’d watched footage of me doing kind things like giving out umbrellas when it was raining and sandwiches to homeless people.

I appeared in the school assembly as if by magic in a *PUFF* of smoke. It was like Beatlemania. Kids screaming, shouting, and giving me hi-fives, and they really took the anti-bullying messages on board. They were all telling me about the kind things they’ve been doing for their friends and mums and dads.

Then we had a Q and A session. My favourite questions were:

Pupil:               Where did you get the umbrellas from?
Me:                   A shop.
Next question:  Where did you get all the sandwiches from?

(You get the drift…)

Me:                   If you were a superhero what would your name be?
Another pupil:  Niall.

Just before Christmas I spent a few days with Your Housing Group in Ardwick helping their amazing Your Manchester Challenge project. We delivered 1,250 seasonal food gift packs to residents across Greater Manchester who are struggling to afford basic everyday essentials and often have to make the choice between heating or eating. I had a lovely time meeting lots of local people and just think…

…If everyone in Greater Manchester took it upon themselves to do one good deed a day, what a huge difference it would make. You’re the real heroes!