As you may or may not know, I set a challenge to businesses of Greater Manchester to get them to do the 10k for Forever Manchester.

The challenge was to see who could raise the most money running the 10k. The business that raises the most will win my Captain Manchester Cool Runnings Award.

To make it fair, so companies of any size could join in, the company’s final total will be divided by how many people have ran it (minimum of two people) this will then give us an idea of how much has been raised per person and give me the winner, who I’ll be coming to see in their offices at some point in the next couple of weeks.

The companies who took part were Metronet UK, Express Solicitors, One Advice Group (Harrington Brooks) and Autotrader UK. Each company took the competition seriously and have helped us raise over £13,500 in the process.

The competition closes on Monday 18th May and the JustGiving information we have puts our runners in the following order, but bear in mind there will also be offline donations to come:

  1. Express Solicitors 19 runners – £3,591.31
  2. Autotrader UK 50 runners – £5,515.99
  3. Metronet UK 13 runners – £1092.62
  4. One Advice Group (Harrington Brooks) 25 runners – £729.48

So Express are currently in the lead, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they’re on course to win. We don’t yet have any of the information from offline donations, which could change the competition completely.

I’m looking forward to popping into an office some time soon with Jean or Ged to present my award and congratulate the winning team.

As well as the companies I’ve mentioned here, I’d also like to say a huge thank you to all of the individuals who ran for round ‘ere. You helped us to raise over £13,500 to reinvest into the communities of Greater Manchester, which is incredible.

A massive well done also goes to Forever Manchester’s Cheryl Hill who completed the race in good time too. All those aches and pains are worth it when you know the money you’ve raised will help local people to do extraordinary things together. Well done also goes to Ambassador Chris Marsh, who smashed his 10k PB and ran it in 58 minutes, as well as our other Ambassador Alan Townley, who ran his fourth 10k for us on Sunday.

Thanks for reading
Captain Manchester x