So Beautiful Events’ Director is Forever Manchester Ambassador, Susie Bell.

Susie is heavily involved in our Birthday Bash planning and helps us greatly.

Each month we have a chat with our Corporate Partners and ask them what makes them passionate about Forever Manchester.

Here’s what Susie said when we had a brew with her this month…

  1. What do you guys do?

So Beautiful provide design, production and management services to a range of different events across the North West.

  1. What do you love about Manchester?

Manchester is a large, exciting city with a small community feel, and it’s home!

  1. What made you support Forever Manchester?

I was introduced to Emma James [Forever Manchester’s PR Consultant] via a mutual friend and she told me about the charity and the variety of groups it supports across Greater Manchester. I was impressed by the focus on helping people to help themselves.

  1. Favourite Manchester memory?

My Dad took me to Old Trafford to watch Manchester United when I was little. We won the game and were so excited to talk about it afterwards that we walked about a mile past where we’d parked. We ended up getting a lift back to the car park by a friendly cop in the back of his police van – good fun!

  1. One word to describe Manchester?