Brother UK are getting involved ‘Manc-Style’ for Forever Manchester Week with a variety of activities prepared.

As this is all about community involvement, Brother have invited corporate sponsors and local businesses to join in the fun and games.

Gemmer Crozier, Community Engagement Officer at Brother UK explained: “We’ve got Mountain Monkeys coming. We’re going to have archery and a climbing wall.
We’ve invited Opus 4, Bardsley and Benchmark to come down to join in Forever Manchester Week, on Tuesday 14th.

“It will be £5 per person to take part in the activities with teams of four and we ask that each team commits to raising at least £50 and all that will be going to Forever Manchester.”
Internally, staff at the Brother UK offices are committing to a Manchester-themed week to raise cash.

“We’ve got a Manc Quiz happening,” Gemmer said. “That’s going to be happening all through the week then we’ll have the final questions and the answers on the Friday. We’ve got some goodies to give away such as a Fitbit, champagne, an iPod and a Kindle.

“We’ve also got a ‘Manc’ baking competition and a ‘Manc’ best dressed competition; a best dressed department and a best dressed individual. It’s going to be one big Manchester week here and any money that we raise will be donated to Forever Manchester.”

It’s great to see Brother as one of the local companies that are supporting Forever Manchester Week with their Manc-style charm. A big thank you to every team that gets involved.

For the full list of Forever Manchester Week events, go to