Pablo Picasso’s “Les femmes d’Alger (Version ‘0’)” sold for a record breaking €160m this week.

The 1955 painting is believed to hold the world record auction price for at least a decade.

Art is a great way to bring a community together to express themselves, and we have no better example of this than Belfield Art Group, based in Rochdale.

Belfield Art Group is open to anyone who wants to paint in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere with the help of professional teachers. Attendees learn the techniques of watercolour painting and produce their own artwork.

Their artwork (pictured) is of a really high standard, which gives the attendees a great sense of achievement.

A grant from Forever Manchester funded expert tuition, which has given the members confidence in new found abilities and skills. The work which has been produced, thanks to the grant, is of a very good quality due to learning basic techniques. The members enjoy sharing constructive criticism and take pleasure in showing their work to friends, family and the public at the exhibitions the group puts on.

Of the project Forever Manchester funded, Belfield Art Group said: “The project benefited all our members, in particular one man who suffers from post traumatic stress disorder and has problems with confidence and relationships. He finds the art sessions very relaxing and has increased in confidence as the weeks have progressed, and now feels that he can join in with the group analysis of our work and criticise his own pictures. He fits in very well now.

“The praise received from the others in the group is a great confidence booster. Our members are mainly senior citizens who benefit from the sense of community the group provides addressing loneliness and isolation issues.”

Groups like Belfield Art Group are often a lifeline to these older people. The people they see at this group can sometimes be the only people they speak to all day. These groups also keep older people socialising and painting and conversing can be the help they need to keep their brains active and prevent loneliness.

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