Barncroft Gardens in Wythenshawe is a circular avenue with a large green, and home to 100 residents and a lot of children.

Following the disruption caused by Covid, local residents Michelle and Joanne got together and organised street parties for their neighbours and families to come together.

They first hosted a spooky Halloween event, which was a huge success, so they then organised a Christmas celebration which everyone enjoyed. The following summer Barncroft Gardens hosted a Jubilee Street party.

Michelle and Joanne have said that as a result of these events, people have got to know each other better, sharing their skills, talents and assets.

For the Jubilee event, one neighbour provided food and refreshments, another made decorations and flags. Gazebos were shared. and everyone mucked in filling up paddling pools for the children to play in. One neighbour even provided a bouncy castle!

These events gave local people the opportunity to have fun and make new friends. One child in particular, who previously didn’t engage, now regularly plays out with the other children on the street.

Barncroft Gardens is a now a connected, thriving community where people look out for one another; a place where parents get together for a natter and catch up and children play and socialise together.

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Date added: 5th December 2022