Forever Manchester recently announced we had appointed a new Chairman, Formisimo’s Al Mackin. Here’s what he had to say on his appointment…

“It feels like I’ve been part of the Forever Manchester family forever, but I can still vividly remember the first time I came across the charity in 2011. Since then I’ve gone from being an Ambassador, to a Board Member and now I’m very proud to be Chairman of a great charity that has a huge heart. And one that beats to a distinctive, Manchester rhythm.

“My role is partly legal, partly supportive and part rabble rouser, and I’m a small cog in a charity that supports thousands of wonderful individuals.


“The real power of Forever Manchester comes from everyone who has said “I want to be part of this,” the staff, the Ambassadors, the supporters, the groups, the Board, our President and our Vice Presidents and most of all the people involved in community activity on a regular basis. An army of unique and talented Mancunians (and adopted Mancunians) who want to make this great region even greater.

“Jo and Simon, the most recent chairs of Forever Manchester, have given me a depth of experience to draw upon, and I thank them for their hard work, laughter and support.”