Since September 2013 our Community Builders have been utilising a strength based approach in two primary schools in Oldham – Alt Primary and Stoneleigh Academy.

Our ‘Cool2BKind’ scheme has been designed to encourage Year 5 and 6 pupils (aged 9-11) to take part in acts of kindness and steer them in a positive direction for the benefit of their local neighbourhood. It also helps to strengthen the role of schools in the local community.

Community Builder James Hampson comments, “Schools can play a central role in helping young people to get more involved in their local community. The Cool2BKind scheme allows us to work in close partnership with the schools, guiding them through a process to introduce ‘kindness’ into the school curriculum and help engender philanthropic values in a new generation of people.”

To date our Community Builders have helped each school to identify its and their pupils’ skills, talents and ideas using our Asset Mapping model. Our Poet in Residence, Tony Walsh a.k.a. Longfella has held poetry workshops to encourage ideas and creativity and we’ve held laughter workshops, hosted by Robin Graham, who uses laughter as a tool to promote positive psychology and bring pupils closer together to improve health and happiness. Our very own Captain Manchester has even visited the schools to help pupils understand the importance of kindness.

In June both schools will hold a celebration event where 43 pupils will receive their ‘Young Community Builder’ badges and will have the lasting impression and attitude that it’s cool to be kind.

If you are involved with a local school and want to find out more about Cool2BKind, please contact Gary Loftus, Head of Community Building, on 0161 214 0940.