Deliveroo, a brand new online food delivery service in Manchester has rewarded our volunteers with a delicious lunch.

The company, who prides themselves in making it possible to get the very best restaurant food delivered to your home or office, work with city centre restaurants to deliver their food to your door.

Forever Manchester have chosen to celebrate some of our more dedicated volunteers with a dinner at FM HQ, courtesy of Deliveroo. These volunteers have given up their time and represented Forever Manchester at some of our key events.

Being a volunteer can often mean long hours and at every opportunity we get, we like to reward them. Deliveroo kindly offered us the opportunity to receive a free delivery, so we wanted to offer our volunteers the chance to enjoy a delicious lunch (which they happily accepted – it’s free food after all).

Deliveroo delivered delicious food from El Capo, a restaurant in the Northern Quarter. The order included burritos, tortillas, fajitas and more. The volunteers enjoyed a real feast (as can be seen in the photo), and we’d like to thank Deliveroo for offering this to our volunteers free of charge.

We had a great experience with Deliveroo, the service was great and the deliverer was very pleasant. The order was correct too – which is always a plus.

The volunteers recognised were:

  • Mark Harrington, who volunteered at our 25th birthday
  • Suzie Lewis, who volunteered at the Mirror Ball and our recent collection at Manchester Arena
  • Siblings Katherine and Paul Sullivan, who volunteered at the Mirror Ball and will be at Prestwich Beer Festival on Saturday.

Have you thought about volunteering with Forever Manchester? Then why not send an email to and see how you can be a part of the Forever Manchester family.