Over the last 2 years our innovative Cash4Graft matching grants programme has been helping to strengthen our local communities.

With over 70 awards of £250 made in Bolton, Oldham and Trafford, Cash4Graft has been the spark that turns ideas into realities, skills into actions and people into community builders.

The Cash4Graft programme is designed to break down the bureaucracy typically associated with funding applications. It encourages residents who wouldn’t usually apply for funding to gain access to money to help turn their ideas into reality and kick-start projects to benefit the wider community.

Independent research into the effectiveness of the Cash4Graft initiative has recently been conducted based on the 70 awards made since August 2012.

Key findings include:

  • 87% of recipients found the awards easy to apply for.
  • 80% of projects supported have continued since the initial £250 was spent (36% of these financed further activities through self-fundraising).
  • 75% of recipients stated that their idea wouldn’t have been realised without the Cash4Graft initiative.
  • 62.5% of recipients hadn’t previously received funding.
  • 61% stated that £250 was the correct amount to be offered.

The main outcome of the Cash4Graft initiative was that it helped build connections and brought people together within a neighbourhood. As a result, the research found that there was an improvement in mental and physical wellbeing, building of community pride, an increase in intergenerational mixing, sharing of knowledge and skills, and creation of safer neighbourhoods and employment opportunities.

To help us to continue to support local neighbourhoods through our Cash4Graft initiative we need further investment.

If you or your company is interested in supporting a particular cause or geographical area in Greater Manchester please contact Jean Mills on 0161 214 0940 to discuss how you can get involved.