This month, we had a brew with Andrew Jackson, Marketing Director at Corporate Partners Opus 4…

Opus 4 has been working with us for some time now, and the team have got some exciting plans on the horizon for a unique way to raise money for Forever Manchester.

1. What do you guys do?
We create great places for people to work
– intrigued? Head to their website

2. What do you love about Manchester?
The popular culture, the sport, the music, the spirit, the people and above all else, a cracking brew!

3. What made you support Forever Manchester?
The ‘This is the Place’ short film made us join Forever Manchester on the spot – I defy anyone to watch it and not get a tingle down the spine.

4. Favourite Manchester memory?
The Commonwealth Games – sport done the Manchester Way!

5. One word to describe Manchester?
Sorry, I need two: “The Place!”

Click here to watch our This is the Place video