In our monthly fanzine, Forever Now we have a chat with a member of staff from one of our Corporate Supporters.

This month the focus was on Brother UK, sponsors of our latest Forever Manchester Women event on 8th July at The Ainscow Hotel.

Louise Marshall is Brother UK Infrastructure and Shared Services Director.

1. What do you guys do?
We’re the UK Sales & Marketing operation for Brother technology products, solutions and services.

2. What do you love about Manchester?
The variety – whether that’s about the people, history, business, culture, architecture, or the great range of things to do and see.

3. What made you support Forever Manchester?
The unique approach in encouraging communities to help themselves to improve their situations – it’s truly #charitythemancunianway.

4. Favourite Manchester memory?
As a student in Manchester in the 80’s I have lots of great memories of the vibrant music scene.

5. One word to best describe Manchester?

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